I’m a what?!

6 months ago I entered a derm’s office, and was told I needed to have my “interesting” small skin bubble biopsied as a precautionary measure to avoid basil cell skin cancer.  A combination of vanity and fear of an impending scar resulted 6 months of  excuses to not rebook a biopsy appoint.  Then, 3 months ago I negotiated a deal with myself: I’ll – find a dermatologist with a longer, more experienced reputation  who may have more nibble and less scaring techniques.

Thursday January 16th,

My husband accompanied me for emotional support.

The doctor walked in, heard my concern and shouted, “That’s ridiculous, who told you that you need a biopsy?”

She then did a complete body exam to assure there were no other “places of interest” (BTW: if you burn super easily, have lots of freckles or red hair its recommended you get a complete skin check yearly to examine any new moles, freckles or any new growth).

She started at my scalp, and I pointed out the on and off again itching I’ve head behind my ears. Then, once she got to my hands, her eyes lingered a bit longer on my knuckles,

“Your a gluten sensitive person” she declared.

“I’m a what?” I asked for clarification.

She pointed to my dry skin, “you have scaly skin and the wrinkles of your knuckles are raised.  Gluten molecules get trapped in the folds of the skin of people with Gluten Intolerance.  Its a condition that gets worse as people age.  Your skin will get better when you change your diet.  Do you have digestion problems?”.  She then printed out information on Gluten Sensitivity, freezed the “place of interest” and said goodbye.

I entered the doc’s office expecting a scar, instead I got an explanation to the heartburn and stomach cramps I’ve been experience for the past two years.

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