Walking dead

I walked toward the hospital to visit my Abuela (grandma).  In the hallway a nurse hovered next to me.  She had angels’ wings.  She turned to me and smiled with rosy cheeks and brown eyes that glistened with blue eyeliner.  It was my Abuela. It occurred to me that she is dead.  Then I looked at the hospital patient directory and saw she was in room 19. She must be alive!  I entered the hospital wing. 

A nurse began chatting with me. “Your grandma is okay at the moment.  She will look beautiful in the casket’. 

“She wants to be cremated, her priest said its okay”.  I answered.  

“Oh,” the nurse continued, “then I will sit there when they scrape the flesh off the bones and grind the spine and I can help”.

I woke up crying, and remembered my grandma died last week.

Do you have dreams of people who have passed?

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