Month: October 2014

Paul McCartney Still Rocks!

September 28, 2014. Petco stadium is filled to capacity with fans anxiously awaiting the arrival of Paul McCartney. over 30 years since his last appearance as a SD performer, fans are happy at the prospect of just being in his vicinity. In fact, seats designated as No View are filled like cream puffs.

The multicultural multigenerational fan base is a testimonial to “all we need is love” love of Music!

Although I was born in 1983, his music is part of my generation too, it’s the music I listened to on car trips with my parents, sung along to while washing the family car and dance along with while dusting our home. No matter ones age, Paul McCartney is a household presence. Today I share this moment with my husband and his father. My father in law flew in from Salinas Ca for the concert, taking a two day vacation in order to be here tonight. He hasn’t taken a day off of work for over 4 years, despite being 67. His normal bed time is 9pm, yet 9pm tonight his as giddy as a 13 year old boy who catches a glimpse of his cute neighbor girl changing while forgetting to close the blinds. Not only are the Beatles a simple of ones childhood but a elixir of youth.


Pet co stadium, awaiting Paul McCartney