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Reasons I’m Disorganized. Reason #1

I’m disorganized for lots of reasons.  Although I try super hard, my absent mindedness gets in the way of  successful organization.

Reasons I’m Disorganized #1:  Absentmindedness.

Like today, I have tape in one hand, scissors in the other, and I’m ready to tape up a “let’s get organized” poster to my living room wall.  Then I hear a car go by.  I’m distracted by the sound and look outside.  Is it to my husband’s car puling into the drive way?  Nope.  I’ll close the window.  The quieter it is the easier it will be for me to focus on my task at hand- getting organized.  But, as I close the window I notice I have the scissors in my hand.  So, I put the scissors down to close the window.

Ok.  Window closed.  Hmmm, now  was just about to use the scissors before I got distracted.  At this point I’m not sure what ihe scissors were for because I don’t even see the tape or poster anymore.  I must have placed the tape down sometime while I was looking out the window.   Why was I looking out the window?  Oh, yeah the car.

That reminds me, when is my husband getting home?  I’ll call him.  I reach for the cell phone with one hand, and start to dial for him, but my other hand has scissors.  So I put the scissors down and call my husband.   He’ll be home soon- I better clean up some of my mess.   I walk back to the living room to put away the scissors, then I see my “let’s get organized” poster on the couch.  I should put that up.  Where’s the tape?

Tea for thought

 I’ve spent this cold day drinking hot tea, reading psych magazines, and reflecting on what I want my life to be.

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”.  Albert Camus 

Indian Summer in SD

SD. Beautiful beaches, warm winters, temperate summers… until this week. 101 degrees in San Diego. 75% humidity. No air conditioning ANYWHERE.

We all know SD is full of microclimates. 101 in Poway or Chula Vista is understandable. 101 in view of the coast… unimaginable. Unless you are living in San Diego now.

Like almost all of West SD, we have no air conditioning. Even $2500/ mo apartments in Fancy La Jolla don’t have air conditioning. Why? Apparently “You really don’t need it” or so I’ve been told countless times since I moved to SD. And, maybe I need to get my hearing checked because I swear people have been telling me, “it’s only hot here one week a year”. I think they mean it’s only cold in the summer for one week a year.

Well I work from my air-conditionless hot home and until I installed an indoor thermometer I thought it was ME who was just too sensitive to the heat. Yesterday the high in my home was 95 degrees, with up to 75% humidity… inside my house! The overnight low was a freezing 82 degrees. Of course the famous cool SD ocean breeze is always helpful, but on the hottest days of the year I couldn’t be that lucky. It seems a cool breeze comes from the ocean wind on the pleasantly sunny days and the hot breeze comes from the east In fact, the strong warm winds from the east are called Santa Ana winds, a Spanish word referring to Saint Ann. However, when Santa Ana is said fast in Spanish, the words sounds more like Satana-meaning Satan. Today I feel Satan is exacting his revenge on me!

I tried to cool off with a cold shower. I turned on the cold sprocket, kept the hot one seal shut, and jumped in, anticipating a cool shock. Nope. The water pipes were warm, because the concrete and dirt are warm. Warm water pipes, warm water- an interior HOT SPRINGS.

I turn to my icemaker for relief… broken. The cool air from the fridge teases me. My kitty and I stand in front of Fridge with the doors open. My kitty jumps into the fridge. Kitty Move over- I want to sit inside the Fridge too!

That’s it! I’ve had it! 9pm and I’m drenched in sweat. Let’s go to home depot and buy a portable air conditioner. Oh it’s Sunday and they are closed. Monday morning, I wake up and read my indoor thermometer: Low last night- 81 degrees. Honey! Let’s go buy an air-conditioning unit NOW!!! We get to home depot and are told, “Air conditioners? We don’t have those. I don’t think anyone has them. Some customers have come in and told me they’ve been to many stores and no one carries them, especially in September. No one expects this Indian Summer.” So I go online and look for other stores- like their competitor Lowes. Here’s what I find

Knowing I’ll spend another day melting like Frosty the snowman, I look at the forecast and try to develop a plan. Perhaps I can do household chores while its still cool. Nope, it is 95 degrees by 10am. 0 chance of precipitation. Well, there’s a few stores I need to go to today, so hopefully they will give me a respite from the heat. First I went to a paint store… no air. Their indoor thermometer read over 90. Then I went to a machine shop orientation. 2 hours surrounded by hot tools, no windows and no air conditioning.

I want to escape to the mall but there’s only outdoor malls here. My hair dye is streaking down my face. Help!

Starbucks it is! So I’m typing this in Starbucks, after quite a bit of first standing and waiting for a table to open (others had the same idea as myself). I’m concentrated on my typing but I hear a commotion around me. I look around. The forecast was wrong- it’s raining! Hard. Sudden. Rain. Relief?! Rain in SD is rare. The little bit of rain we get comes in the winter and is cold. RELIEF!? God has forgiven me!

The drops bounce off the pavement. Palm trees sway as the wind increases. Lightening streaks the sky. Thunder, a sound I haven’t heard in months, nearly knocks the drink from my hand.

Within minutes, trees are falling, sirens are blaring, and roads are flooding.

Figure 1 Raining hard in San Diego Sudden Tropical Storm

I step outside of Starbucks, longing for the cool rain to soak my clothing. I step outside, the doors pull me hard as they get caught in the gust.

Damn, it’s still hot!

To dress for death

I’m trying on clothes for my Abuela’s funeral.  I never imagined this day coming.  Though she died at 92 I was always too afraid to think about it.  Now I’m trying on clothes from my closet, asking myself  “fWhat would she like to see me in“?  I avoid black.  She hated black and what it symbolizes.  Abuela wouldn’t want us to be sad no te pongas trieste chica. Ya estoy con Dios .

But I am sad.

I’ll probably get cold at the funeral. I shiver when I cry.  I settle on a long sleeve blouse- with a black bowed ribbon around my color.  A symbol of the sadness I carry.

My Abuela loved lace.  Every time I saw her she’d compliment my wedding gown. Pero oye, que bonita la falda.

As I remember, I mouth the words to myself.  Hearing the Spanish sends a pang through my heart.  Who will teach me Spanish now?

Funerals usually have flowers. She loved flowers.  On walks she’d be enamored by the tiniest flower popping off some high desert week. Give me the flowers when I’m alive- don’t waste them on the grave.

I wear a  cream lace top- decorated in rose flowers.  I add a dark grey skirt to match.

I bend down, roll my pantyhose on. The silk stockings are spotted with water,  I feel my wet checks.  When did I start crying?

I put on pearl earrings.

 Giving myself a once over in the mirror, I see myself as I never wanted: Dressed for my grandma’s funeral. 

Will she see us from beyond?  Can she see me now? The moment is too hard.  It’s too real.  

Take it away.

I place on my heals with care- knowing its the last thing I will ever do for her.



Free Computer Classes

If you are interested in website design, San Diego Community Education offers many free classes.  I just enrolled in Web Specialist. It covers the new html 5, Css3, and a few other items.  The class is long (4.5 hours twice a week but 6hours at home).  It also lasts until June.  At the end you do earn a web specialist certificate. By the end of the class I should be able to create my own blog page (using code). 

I’m familiar with html and have created webpages… back in the 90s.  Now its time to update my skills to a professional level.

Modern Free Education

This facility was opened Fall2013

The SDCE facility North Campus is brand new, and next to the old one.  It opened last fall.  The room I’m using boosts large all in one Macs.

I’m a what?!

6 months ago I entered a derm’s office, and was told I needed to have my “interesting” small skin bubble biopsied as a precautionary measure to avoid basil cell skin cancer.  A combination of vanity and fear of an impending scar resulted 6 months of  excuses to not rebook a biopsy appoint.  Then, 3 months ago I negotiated a deal with myself: I’ll – find a dermatologist with a longer, more experienced reputation  who may have more nibble and less scaring techniques.

Thursday January 16th,

My husband accompanied me for emotional support.

The doctor walked in, heard my concern and shouted, “That’s ridiculous, who told you that you need a biopsy?”

She then did a complete body exam to assure there were no other “places of interest” (BTW: if you burn super easily, have lots of freckles or red hair its recommended you get a complete skin check yearly to examine any new moles, freckles or any new growth).

She started at my scalp, and I pointed out the on and off again itching I’ve head behind my ears. Then, once she got to my hands, her eyes lingered a bit longer on my knuckles,

“Your a gluten sensitive person” she declared.

“I’m a what?” I asked for clarification.

She pointed to my dry skin, “you have scaly skin and the wrinkles of your knuckles are raised.  Gluten molecules get trapped in the folds of the skin of people with Gluten Intolerance.  Its a condition that gets worse as people age.  Your skin will get better when you change your diet.  Do you have digestion problems?”.  She then printed out information on Gluten Sensitivity, freezed the “place of interest” and said goodbye.

I entered the doc’s office expecting a scar, instead I got an explanation to the heartburn and stomach cramps I’ve been experience for the past two years.