Trails eatery

Trails eatery has a variety of gluten free items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Highlights include pancakes, sandwiches and cupcakes. 

They attempt to avoid gluten contamination by using a dedicated GF toaster, grill, and GF storing zone. 

Here’s a picture of their GF menu options

I ordered the club sandwich. It was delish. The sandwich comes in two halves, but for the sake of showing the dish I took a picture of just 1/2. Sandwiches come with a side of salad (ranch or balsamic ) or melon.

The ambiance is casual chic.  Here are some pics 



7389 Jackson Dr

San Diego, CA 92119-2316

United States

trails webpage

Paul McCartney Still Rocks!

September 28, 2014. Petco stadium is filled to capacity with fans anxiously awaiting the arrival of Paul McCartney. over 30 years since his last appearance as a SD performer, fans are happy at the prospect of just being in his vicinity. In fact, seats designated as No View are filled like cream puffs.

The multicultural multigenerational fan base is a testimonial to “all we need is love” love of Music!

Although I was born in 1983, his music is part of my generation too, it’s the music I listened to on car trips with my parents, sung along to while washing the family car and dance along with while dusting our home. No matter ones age, Paul McCartney is a household presence. Today I share this moment with my husband and his father. My father in law flew in from Salinas Ca for the concert, taking a two day vacation in order to be here tonight. He hasn’t taken a day off of work for over 4 years, despite being 67. His normal bed time is 9pm, yet 9pm tonight his as giddy as a 13 year old boy who catches a glimpse of his cute neighbor girl changing while forgetting to close the blinds. Not only are the Beatles a simple of ones childhood but a elixir of youth.


Pet co stadium, awaiting Paul McCartney

Ode to Joan Rivers

No T.V. personality, male or female is as witty, fast and comical as Joan Rivers was.

Joan Rivers is an example of the determination and skill required for a woman to make it a man’s world.

In an era where media is still dominated by strong males and passive females, Joan was an inspiration to myself and other women. She spoke her mind and never apologized for it.  Despite her high ratings she was continually let go.  Its like men didn’t want to compete with a lady. But, she was too good to be ignored. Her and her daughter eventually called their own shots and produced Fashion Police this became the number one TV show in Britain- and personally my favorite show.

I could always count on Joan to make me laugh- now she’ll bring more smiles to heaven.

Joan Rivers Picture

Joan always looked fabulous in pink! Joan Rivers, comedian and fashionista

In her memory, I wrote a few jokes I imagine she’ll say on her way to heaven:

  • When encountering the grim reaper: “I’m 81, what took you so long!”
  • Looking at the staircase up to the pearly gates: “taking the stairway down sure looks easier”
  • Entering: “I’m surrounded by all my exes … you call this heaven?!”
  • Dressing up in heaven: “Finally, I get to wear white!”
  • Upon meeting God: “And I thought I was old”.

Learn more about Joan Rivers on her official site

PBS link to Sherlock Holmes

PBS link to Sherlock Holmes

There’s many video versions of Sherlock Holmes- the great British Detective of the 1800s.  As a preteen I gobbled up the intelligent, well written stories.  I identified with the misunderstood detective and learned the importance of deductionAs someone who has read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s entire Sherlock Holmes collection (twice)- I can confidently say that the PBS version, Sherlock, is the most accurate..

The PBS series, Sherlock takes place in modern day London and does not copy Doyle’s stories.  This actually works in its favor in two ways. 

1) This decreases the risk of inaccurately portraying a well read classic.

2) Avoids the ever daunting task of creating a film that is better than a book.  Money grabbing producers, take note:  PBS’s choice to not copy Doyle’s stories is an admission to the PBS viewers, that the pleasure and beauty found in reading a classic can never be replaced by a film.  

The network series accurately extrapolates the essence of Doyle’s characters, and applies it to modern mysteries. Its an unadulterated portrait of the characters’ manners and personality.The beauty of this is found in the details, for one, Holmes’ questionable sexuality. Kudus to the network for hinting at Sherlock’s preference for men.  Although hinted in the original stories, modern day TV heroes are not allowed to be anything less than raging manly men.  PBS chose accuracy over ratings.

I truly believe that had Sherlock and his friend Watson lived today they would act, think and solve just as they do in the PBS series.  For this, the PBS Sherlock series has properly earned the title Masterpiece.



I shout, hoping my dad’s lost dog will hear. How will I ever manage to find here in this field?

Hidden Valley Nature Reserve

The nature reserve near my parents house- just one of places their dog may be hiding.

I got in my car and searched for her.  No, she wasn’t my dog, she was belonged to my parents.  My mom was at the time was in ICU, unable to breath.  My dad, overwhelmed (his wife was in the hospital and his mom died the day before).  I couldn’t let my dad loose his mom, his wife, and his dog in the same week!

I prayed to God to help. I got in my car and drove on the road around the field.  Nikita is black and the field brown- I should be able to see her right?
“Have you seen a black dog on your walk?” I ask a senior strolling by.
“I see lots of dogs and coyotes, that’s why I keep this big stick with me for protection”
“But did you see a black dog?” I beg.

The search continues.

I drive a half mile more, do a different hill.  I get out of the car and climb the hill, hoping the height of it will give me a better view of the area, and perhaps help me find the dog.  I slowly climb up.  A couple are walking down the hill, and they have a dog with them.  Could that be Nikita?  The dog walks so calmly next to the couple- it probably belongs to them.  Just in case I shout one more time, “Nikita!!!”  The dog starts running 400 feet down the steep hill.  It’s ears are pinched up against the head from the wind, the tail slaps back and forth.

OMG I hope this is Nikita, otherwise I have a huge black dog that’s about to attack me!.  I run towards my car and open the door.  If it isn’t Nikita, I’ll need somewhere to run to.  If it is Nikita perhaps she’ll jump right into my car.

The dog jumped into the car.  It was Nikita!  The day is saved!

What unusual places have you found your pet?

Walking dead

I walked toward the hospital to visit my Abuela (grandma).  In the hallway a nurse hovered next to me.  She had angels’ wings.  She turned to me and smiled with rosy cheeks and brown eyes that glistened with blue eyeliner.  It was my Abuela. It occurred to me that she is dead.  Then I looked at the hospital patient directory and saw she was in room 19. She must be alive!  I entered the hospital wing. 

A nurse began chatting with me. “Your grandma is okay at the moment.  She will look beautiful in the casket’. 

“She wants to be cremated, her priest said its okay”.  I answered.  

“Oh,” the nurse continued, “then I will sit there when they scrape the flesh off the bones and grind the spine and I can help”.

I woke up crying, and remembered my grandma died last week.

Do you have dreams of people who have passed?