PBS link to Sherlock Holmes

PBS link to Sherlock Holmes

There’s many video versions of Sherlock Holmes- the great British Detective of the 1800s.  As a preteen I gobbled up the intelligent, well written stories.  I identified with the misunderstood detective and learned the importance of deductionAs someone who has read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s entire Sherlock Holmes collection (twice)- I can confidently say that the PBS version, Sherlock, is the most accurate..

The PBS series, Sherlock takes place in modern day London and does not copy Doyle’s stories.  This actually works in its favor in two ways. 

1) This decreases the risk of inaccurately portraying a well read classic.

2) Avoids the ever daunting task of creating a film that is better than a book.  Money grabbing producers, take note:  PBS’s choice to not copy Doyle’s stories is an admission to the PBS viewers, that the pleasure and beauty found in reading a classic can never be replaced by a film.  

The network series accurately extrapolates the essence of Doyle’s characters, and applies it to modern mysteries. Its an unadulterated portrait of the characters’ manners and personality.The beauty of this is found in the details, for one, Holmes’ questionable sexuality. Kudus to the network for hinting at Sherlock’s preference for men.  Although hinted in the original stories, modern day TV heroes are not allowed to be anything less than raging manly men.  PBS chose accuracy over ratings.

I truly believe that had Sherlock and his friend Watson lived today they would act, think and solve just as they do in the PBS series.  For this, the PBS Sherlock series has properly earned the title Masterpiece.