Reasons I’m Disorganized. Reason #1

I’m disorganized for lots of reasons.  Although I try super hard, my absent mindedness gets in the way of  successful organization.

Reasons I’m Disorganized #1:  Absentmindedness.

Like today, I have tape in one hand, scissors in the other, and I’m ready to tape up a “let’s get organized” poster to my living room wall.  Then I hear a car go by.  I’m distracted by the sound and look outside.  Is it to my husband’s car puling into the drive way?  Nope.  I’ll close the window.  The quieter it is the easier it will be for me to focus on my task at hand- getting organized.  But, as I close the window I notice I have the scissors in my hand.  So, I put the scissors down to close the window.

Ok.  Window closed.  Hmmm, now  was just about to use the scissors before I got distracted.  At this point I’m not sure what ihe scissors were for because I don’t even see the tape or poster anymore.  I must have placed the tape down sometime while I was looking out the window.   Why was I looking out the window?  Oh, yeah the car.

That reminds me, when is my husband getting home?  I’ll call him.  I reach for the cell phone with one hand, and start to dial for him, but my other hand has scissors.  So I put the scissors down and call my husband.   He’ll be home soon- I better clean up some of my mess.   I walk back to the living room to put away the scissors, then I see my “let’s get organized” poster on the couch.  I should put that up.  Where’s the tape?


I shout, hoping my dad’s lost dog will hear. How will I ever manage to find here in this field?

Hidden Valley Nature Reserve

The nature reserve near my parents house- just one of places their dog may be hiding.

I got in my car and searched for her.  No, she wasn’t my dog, she was belonged to my parents.  My mom was at the time was in ICU, unable to breath.  My dad, overwhelmed (his wife was in the hospital and his mom died the day before).  I couldn’t let my dad loose his mom, his wife, and his dog in the same week!

I prayed to God to help. I got in my car and drove on the road around the field.  Nikita is black and the field brown- I should be able to see her right?
“Have you seen a black dog on your walk?” I ask a senior strolling by.
“I see lots of dogs and coyotes, that’s why I keep this big stick with me for protection”
“But did you see a black dog?” I beg.

The search continues.

I drive a half mile more, do a different hill.  I get out of the car and climb the hill, hoping the height of it will give me a better view of the area, and perhaps help me find the dog.  I slowly climb up.  A couple are walking down the hill, and they have a dog with them.  Could that be Nikita?  The dog walks so calmly next to the couple- it probably belongs to them.  Just in case I shout one more time, “Nikita!!!”  The dog starts running 400 feet down the steep hill.  It’s ears are pinched up against the head from the wind, the tail slaps back and forth.

OMG I hope this is Nikita, otherwise I have a huge black dog that’s about to attack me!.  I run towards my car and open the door.  If it isn’t Nikita, I’ll need somewhere to run to.  If it is Nikita perhaps she’ll jump right into my car.

The dog jumped into the car.  It was Nikita!  The day is saved!

What unusual places have you found your pet?